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Websites with a “WOW” factor. Show your customers what your company stands for. Building a new website or revising an existing one, together with the customer we deliver reliable websites. From hosting to aftercare.

Web design at Riguan Websolutions

If you have little time or no technical knowledge, but do need a website, Riguan Websolutions web design is the ideal solution for you. We can arrange your website completely so that you do not have to worry about it. You will receive a ready-made website that is tailor-made to your wishes and needs.

For example, we take care of the technology behind the website, so that the website functions properly and is fast. We also monitor the security of your website and help you make your website successful. Do you already have a WordPress website, but would you like us to manage it? This is possible with our Managed WordPress Hosting.

The technology of your website

The foundation of your website is really the most important thing. Without a good foundation, it will be difficult to get off the ground. That is why we ensure that your website is built on a stable platform and functions well on all devices.


A website completely designed to your taste.
Together with you we make a plan and a website that meets the requirements and wishes.


We create a responsive website that scales with the size of the screen for the optimal display on all devices.


We create the website on the popular WordPress platform. This way you have all the options to make your website a success.

The technology of your website

Cybercriminals are continuously active to find victims.
To ensure that your website is safe and there are no problems, we monitor your website, install the latest security updates and make daily backups. This way you are always protected and online.


We monitor your website day and night to ensure that your website works properly and that no problems occur. 


We ensure that your website always runs on the latest version and that the latest security updates are installed.


We back up your website every day to limit data loss when unexpected problems occur.

Request web design at Riguan Websolutions?

You have your own custom-made website with all included extras from €499.
We are happy to help your company to a success with a good and targeted website!

Create a new website

  • Price from €599.00 EUR

Create a new webshop

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