Business Fiber Optic

The Internet is of vital importance. For every company. As an entrepreneur you never want to run out. Business Fiber optic is super fast, super stable and extra safe. With always the best service. Switching is easy. So you just keep going. For a super competitive price.

Discover 100% Business Fiber Optic from KPN

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Speeds up to 4 Gbit/s

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Extra safe online

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Super stable video calling

Why should you choose KPN Business Fiber?

Upload and download up to 4 Gbit/s

Do business online at full speed with KPN Business Fiber. With everyone at the same time. From online meetings to super-fast uploading and downloading of large files.

Extra Safe Online

Cybersecurity experts protect the network day and night. We protect your company even better with additional security options.

The best service

Riguan is happy to connect you to 100% Business Fiber Optic. And you can count on us 24/7 (depending on the SLA). This way you can always keep going.

100% Fiberglass vs. fiber optic cable

KPN only supplies 100% fiber optic. From the core to your meter cupboard. This allows you to do business faster and more stable than fiber optic cable/coax.

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What is fiber optic?

Fiber optic is the fastest possible internet connection. Light signals are sent via hair-fine fiber optic wires, so there is hardly any signal loss. It is a very reliable and sustainable way to transport signals over long distances. KPN installs fiber optic cables underground to your meter cupboard so that you can benefit from this high speed. We call this 'Fiber to the Home' (FTTH).

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Where is Business Fiber available?

Business Fiber optic is available in more and more places in the Netherlands. KPN and partners are currently working hard on the rollout of fiber optic throughout the Netherlands. Due to the large size of this project, the construction will proceed in steps. This applies to both private and business fiber optic. Contact us to check whether fiber optic is available in your area.

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Fiber optic rollout: how does that work?

Have you received a letter from KPN stating that fiber optic will soon be installed at your business address? Then you can soon switch to KPN business fiber optic. But first a number of steps are required.